Virtual Web Hosting with Apache on Windows Part 1

This video demonstrates how to set up virtual hosting with Apache web server on Windows. Virtual Hosting makes it so Apache will respond to domain name requests rather than the default xxxx:y format so you can use one physical server and one instance of Apache to host multiple web sites.


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  1. Linnie Harres says:

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  2. craciun robert says:

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  3. helpfultechvids says:

    What are you having trouble with? It can be a bit of a pain, but it’s actually pretty cool once it’s set up properly. Let me know what I can clarify on.

  4. Sandy Staab says:

    Typical – NOTHING is SIMPLE.

  5. helpfultechvids says:

    In theory. More than likely you’ll need to spend some monthly $ to get a static IP. That is certainly easier than the dynamic DNS method. But, it’ll either be free or cheap.

  6. Sophia9Lott3134 says:

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  7. zangazoo2007 says:

    Great video however I would point out that everydnsdotnet is migrating to a new system and web site called dyndnsdotcom and that now costs 4.95 (to migrate) according to their site. So it appears they are now going to be a paid service. Unless I am missing something.

  8. KatthywTube says:

    I understand what you said and thanks for your help.
    where I know there is no possibility of obtaining a static IP unless you pay enough money and no longer convenient for me.
    I dropped the idea of having a website in my PC, and if you buy a domain I no longer need to concerns of apache, etc.. etc..
    – Thanks a lot 😉

  9. helpfultechvids says:

    Ok, if I’m understanding correctly, your problem lies in the layout that you’re trying to accomplish. In order to troubleshoot, you want to back up all the way to the beginning and make sure you can do a very simple, stripped down site with just Apache, forget Joomla and XAMPP right now. Make sure you can get that up and running first. Second, you really want to get a static IP.  Dynamic DNS isn’t going to work well for an external site.

  10. helpfultechvids says:

    It sounds like you have to set up DNS or Domain Name Services. If you’ve already purchased a domain, this can usually be done through the company that provided your domain name, such as

  11. KatthywTube says:

    3)More specifically, I do not know to set up “hosts” and “ht’pd – vh’sts”. Others I can not see the site.
    4)I configured the router and it’s ok, as well as the firewall. I checked this using the my public IP . But I want the site to have a “name” not a “number”. I think you understand what I mean.

  12. KatthywTube says:

    I apologize, but my mother language is not English and I try to “GoogleTranslate” to communicate with you!
    We give you an answer chapters:
    1)I do not have static IP is dynamic! – but I did the “no-ip” address that is stable and I want to use it as a static IP. Just want to have another name to the site.
    2)The site is in my PC and use the “xampp” as a base, and “joomla”as a platform. —>>>

  13. helpfultechvids says:

    If the site is internal, ensure that the Apache service is started and make sure that your hosts file is correct. If all that is correct, try getting to the website by the IP address that the machine has and see if you can pull it up that way.

  14. helpfultechvids says:

    I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say. If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like you’re unable to access the site and other people can’t access it either. If you’re doing a public website, make sure that your DNS A records are correct and are pointing to the correct static IP address provided by your internet service provider. Also, if the site is public, make sure that you’ve gone in to your router and forwarded TCP port 80 to the server’s internal IP address.

  15. KatthywTube says:

    … and if someone tries to enter your site, using the example configuration, will not and why. I used the example and can not enter the site than me. Others I can not see the site. Why ? You can help me more about it ? Thx.

  16. Optimo Iure says:

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  17. OnlyVinx says:

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  23. Emkill85GTS says:

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  25. Th3RMzKing says:

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