Virtual Hosting What Is It?

Companies have started to take a more frugal approach to IT over the past few years. Doing more with less is the mantra of the day. With recent financial problems and companies going out of business regularly, it only makes sense to be smart about money choices.

Information technology is a big part of nearly every business’ budget. Finding ways to cut costs without reducing performance is something that everyone after. Luckily, technology developers have seen this trend and have come up with solutions that allow companies to save money when it comes to IT needs.

Web hosting is particularly important to companies of every size. Small companies often times spend a lot of their overhead capital on keeping a website hosted and running. Many small businesses have been drastically overpaying by having their websites hosted on dedicated servers that are more powerful than need be for simply hosting one site.

If you have a website that is not constantly throttled with website visitors and that site is sitting on a top of the line server that is solely dedicated to hosting your site, you are probably paying for more server than you really need. This is happening to thousands of businesses. They are hosting their websites on servers that could realistically be doing a lot more. It hurts the budget when companies are paying for more services than they really need.

Virtual Hosting is the Solution

For companies that host a single website that is not regularly getting heavy traffic volumes, virtual hosting can be a way to save a lot of money. Virtual hosting allows several websites to be hosted on the same physical server. This is a much more efficient and cost effective solution.

The technological resource (web server) is being utilized to a higher capacity and companies are able to pay for only what they use when it comes to IT resources. There is really no sense in super powerful servers hosting one, small website when it could easily host 4 or 5. Multiple companies sharing the same server allow cost savings for everyone involved.

Name-based Virtual Hosting

One of the most common models of virtual hosting is the name based system. Name-based hosting is one web server hosting multiple website names. When a request is received for one of the sites being hosted, the server returns the information for only that server. When a site is not being request, the server simply retains the site’s information in memory and is ready to display it again as soon as another request is received.

IP-based Virtual Hosting

Another way of doing virtual hosting is IP-based hosting. With this design a server has multiple network interfaces. Each interface has an associated IP address. That IP address is mapped to a single website and the website is constantly connected to the Internet waiting for new visitors.

IP-based hosting is necessary for highly sensitive data and for secure HTTP transactions. Any company that chooses virtual hosting and does web-base sales should opt for an IP-based virtual hosting solution.

Sharing space on powerful servers is what virtual hosting is all about. This model of web hosting is more affordable and is less taxing on resources.

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