Hak5 – How to Virtualize Your Physical Servers

How to convert physical servers into virtual servers and piping ’em right into your ESXi box. Details on using the VMware Converter to save power, money and …
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  1. Littleraver16 says:

    I love your shirt

  2. LegitWorkAtHomeJob says:

    Hey i just watched your amazing video thank you for this. Please can you check out my channel and tell me your opinion? Thanks

  3. Adil Selcuk ELBISTAN says:

    thank you 🙂

  4. reknown123 says:

    6:45 <--actual topic of video starts.

  5. n4th4n201 says:


  6. Richard Benfield says:

    is Darren pressing “Bawls” to his lips at 2:56?

  7. Marc Christopher says:

    Get to it pleaseeee

  8. General1Cal says:

    Is that a corona lol

  9. Zach Davey says:

    Fucking love symlinks 

  10. Zach Davey says:

    RIP dude for your father.

  11. gangsterdave2000 says:

    Replace the dudes with more Shannons and I might be able to watch an entire episode.

  12. blacksiddis says:

    Corona :D

  13. flasher555 says:

    The only reason I watch this is because of Shannon.

  14. RaverDK says:

    just hope sooooo much they some day trow that dahm girl to hell…..

  15. Kurrtzv2 says:

    lol me too

  16. Sonny Lloyd says:

    i agree but i like to learn from it id love to see how to set up a hosting server with cpanel and whm

  17. Guybrush1816351 says:

    I would be interested in seeing a openvpn vs other vpn comparison, also an install guide would be nice because its really hard :D!

  18. Jake Ingram says:


  19. SysAdmin86851 says:

    …. techno0verd0$3 !!
    I was having seizures toward the end of the episode…. fail

  20. musa0217 says:

    h,,,,,,,m ;D

  21. ted bell says:


  22. SysAdmin86851 says:

    More virtualization goody goodness 😉
    …. ahhh …. I was starting to go through withdrawls, needed another pop of vm goodness ! 😉

    U guys should do m0R3 on encryption,
    w/ GNU PGP and Enigmail … yeah
    PGP is like a drug !

  23. Stevo641 says:

    You can access the VM on a Mac.

  24. wnt963 says:

    is there a way to make this on Mac?

  25. YT Dan says:

    i always watch thier vids..but i have no clue what thier on about =[

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