Episode #328: Introduction to Type 1 Hypervisor Virtualization – Bare Metal Virtual Servers

In this episode Eli the Computer Guy explains what Type 1 Hypervisors are and why they are useful. He demonstrates VMware ESXI and gives you an overview of h…
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  1. blackIce504 says:

    most people would look at this question as stupid but many Server boards including intel have Eusb SSD for that. because once booted Vmware ESXi runs in ram.

  2. blackIce504 says:

    Freenas and some other Nas Servers run off BSD and they are all over.

  3. blackIce504 says:

    Paul09 Offered no proof well, i am currently going through Windows Server to Linux Conversion as linux uses less from a resource pool example Windows 2008 Server idle 230Mhz Mail Active Directory/ web server ect, Linux Server 10Mhz idle, The workstations that use this are WINDOWS 7…… So yes you can.
    Share point Never used it i dont see the need if you setup your network and vpn right…..also my server is Vmware esxi 5.0

  4. Joihn Thomas says:

    Anyone who really understands IT knows UNIX/Linux is a real OS,
    Windows is top heavy, propriety and driven by dollars not design.

  5. Mordin Solus says:

    ELI am a big fan. now that said, I love how many ignorant people write comments here. right… Linux dominates the real world in  server”. I would like to see yet any company, other than in a datacenter or some other exception, where its user log into Linux instead of windows. Can you imagine the average employee learning Linux to be able to work LOL.
    P.S. I’m a Electrical-Computer Engineer and IT aficionado, I’ve learned a lot with your videos, surely the best in YT Keep it up 😛

  6. Jzarecta says:

    Further middleware like ERP, CRM, BI, BPM (OpenERP/Bravo, SugarCRM, Pentaho, ProcessMaker) are also available under both FLOSS and other parties services.

  7. Jzarecta says:

    Linux can run an email server, a groupware server and a directory server. Yes it cant run microsoft software, but the actual functionality can be run. Every open or closed big company has this stack.
    Sun (now oracle) used to have:
    – Directory servers: Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, Novel eDirectory or IBM Tivoli
    – Groupware: Oracle Weblogic, Novel Groupwise, IBM Notes
    – Email: Oracle communication messaging server, IBM CommServ
    and OSS: sendmail, zimbra, exim, kolab, LDAP

  8. Kenny Blacow says:

    What are your thoughts on running ESXi on a thumb drive in production?

  9. Rajesh Jena says:

    Hello Eli,
    Its a nice video.thanks for sharing.How will I install OS to the hyperviser. Is that after installing the hyperviser to the main server and then install the OS by inserting CD to the server like what we do in our pcs ?

  10. bharathsin says:

    very nice and detailed video. I had a question. Can the hw resources be divided amongst different guest oses… ? For ex:) if my system has 4gb ram and i m going with 3 guest oses, can i allocate 2gb for a guest and 1 each for 2 other guest oses.. similary, allocate n number of nics per guest os, % cpu bandwidth… etc….

  11. Ray Vega says:

    Great video! I am thinking of starting a pet project regarding the information you provided here about virtualization. I am particularly interested with a type-1 hypervisor. I have an Intel DQ45CB board with 4GB of DRAM (upgradable to 16GB), Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 processor with 6M cache, 2.5GHz, 1333 FSB and an NVidia Quadro 400 video card with 512MB DDR3. Could you point out good references to help me get started? Thanks.

  12. Stephen Caustick says:

    Great video, very useful. Thanks Eli.

  13. 83274able says:

    Thanks for this video eli it is very useful.

  14. Aberran Fox says:

    I believe everything where I work is Windows, Office, Server and Equipment Computers. I don’t know why but I have no say to change it.

  15. Eli the Computer Guy says:

    …. I’d like to see some numbers to back that up…

  16. Jame Gumb says:

    In the real world BSD is at least as, if not more widespread than Windows or Linux.

  17. John Ducroiset says:

    Hey Eli, your video’s are great thanks so much for placing this stuff on youtube. It is a great teaching tool also. So many times people go into details without explaining the point. Even your intro on Linux, you don’t sugar coat things great job.

  18. Corey Kelly says:

    Is there an open source Management software? 

  19. buonzz2 says:

    what is the name of the dog?

  20. Pradeep Singh says:

    can u tell me how to connect the typ1hypsr server to citrix server ,can i connect it with lan ? and plz help me in understanding this u r installing ubuntu on hyperserver where do u insert ur cd(linux) wheather in citrix machine(mac destop) or in hyperserver (laptop).

  21. killa4665 says:

    Eli you’re awesome 

  22. INNOCENT THABO says:

    you rock man!

  23. atomicluis says:

    This is great stuff. Thanks

  24. Ulysses Tinajero says:

    Keep kicking ass! 😀

  25. Soul says:

    Thanks eli , that’s really cool

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