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Did you know?

Did you know that most hosting companies that specialize in virtual hosting are more closely tied than you’d expect. So if you’re dissatisfied with the service of one provider and you hop to the next, that provider might still be owned by the same umbrella provider that owned the first company you were with. The standard of service may not end up being all that different. Just something to consider as you hone in on your provider of choice.

If you’re a website owner that primarily uses virtual hosting as your hosting solution for your various websites, you’ll likely become familiar with service hopping fairly quickly. Make note of your experiences with each provider so that as you cycle through, you can hone in on your long-term provider of choice. Make sure you leave a note about who that is once you find ’em!

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3 Tips to Being a Good Manager

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3 tips to being a good manager


For years, most of us have had a variety of managers. Some good and some bad. Many of us have also had the opportunity to manage employees, some better than others.


After years of producing corporate training videos for some of the biggest corporations in the country, and working for many startups, small businesses, and large corporations, I have been exposed to dozens of management and training styles.


The ultimate goal of any company is to make sure its employees generate more income than it costs to employ them.


There are a few very simple, yet effective methods that can be implemented, which will generate a return, while increasing employee moral and reducing turnover.


When I was producing safety training videos for some of the US Department of Energy’s principal subcontractors in Eastern Washington State, I was also producing food safety training videos for ConAgra Foods throughout North America, I realized how effectively a corporate culture can be integrated into a large group of employees.


One of the most costly parts of running a business can be employee turnover. It can take months or even years to bring an employee to a point where they are effective, proficient, and profitable. If your employees can generate the most profit or cause the most loss for your company, it is important to realize that a positive work environment and team buy in can be an a very profitable aspect of your business.


As an entrepreneur and startup business owner, I have developed my real estate marketing company’s corporate culture to be one of positive interactions, positive reinforcement. As a result, my small group of employees all choose to go far above and beyond their expectations. They understand that their success is my success, and if they do not succeed, the team will not. If the team does not succeed, everyone goes back to jobs that are not as positive, where they do not experience accomplishment on a daily basis.


Compensation is a very important part of the formula as well. I compensate my employees very well for good performance on top of a reasonable base-pay. This furthers their buy-in to the company’s overall goals, while providing positive reinforcement for a job well done.


Not every employee will be as good as my team has turned out to be, and sometimes you just can’t tell until you start working with them. Fortunately, in my state, you can use a temp staffing service to give them a test-run before bringing them on permanently. This is a vital and important part of my process.


By using the temp service, I remove any legal liabilities associated with hiring the wrong person and needing to let them go.



So my three tips for being a good manager are to:


1)  Commit yourself to developing a company culture of positivity both internally and working with customers.


2)  Find a way to compensate employees based on performance if possible, then provide a livable base-pay that would be lower than the competitors’ and generously compensate your team based on performance.


3)  Try before you buy- Use a temp service and work under the temp-to-hire employment model so that you ensure to hire employees that will excel within your environment of positivity and positive reinforcement.


Remember, a happy employee is a productive employee, and a group of happy employees will have far less turnover. The simple result is better profit margins, and a better bottom-line. At the same time, I bet you will enjoy your day at work more when everyone is in a positive place.

Article by . Mike is the owner of Fleetfoot Marketing, a real estate video marketing company

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The Modern Business Can’t Survive Without Hosting

These days it doesn’t matter if you’re a mom-and-pop candy store, a hotel chain, or a snow cone shack, everyone is going to expect to be able to find you online. And you’ll end up online whether you want to or not on review boards, forums, Facebook, anywhere your audience may go to dish on their experience at your establishment or to give you a shout out. And you want to be there to mitigate negative buzz or thank your customers for putting your name out there in a positive way.

So how do you do this? Well, first, you need a functional website that provides easy access to all the information your audience will want to know right off the bat. Just put yourself in their shoes. They’ve just found your site with the search term “old fashion candy,” so what do you think they’re gonna want to see? Design your site accordingly, with usability in mind and you’ll be on the right track. You also will want to have a designated someone on top of social interactions. When someone mentions your company or product on Facebook or Twitter, you want to be there, a part of the conversation.

Today, there is no other strategy that will work for a modern company. You must be online, no matter what, or someone else will beat you to the punch and you won’t have control of what’s being said about your company.

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How Cloudlinux has Changed Virtual Hosting Forever

It used to be that to host your website on a virtual server, you had to prepare yourself for unexpected downtime caused by other tenants on the same server using more than their share of computing power. There was no real feasible or profitable way for providers to prevent this from happening and virtual hosting companies were essentially at the whim of their virtual neighbors’ traffic demands.

Cloudlinux isolates each tenant in their own lightweight virtualized environment (LVE), which encapsulates the tenant within predetermined resource parameters that can’t be exceeded or siphoned by any other tenant on the same server. It’s a revolutionary new operating system that maximizes each virtual server’s potential and boosts overall profitability for the provider and the tenant alike.