Add Virtual Hosts To Apache

This is a way to run many web sites with many different DNS’s with one computer one IP address and one port. This video will show you how to setup virtual server DNS based for apache. So if your little sister wanted a web server all you have to do is make a virtual host and she can have her own DNS name and not have to go thru your files to get to it. Two seeming separate web sites on the same server. Codes to paste into config file Want to download this video and all the others? go to and get the latest links to download.

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  1. Inzolity says:

    IMPORTANT: If you’re running server 2008 remember to add quotation marks at the file path!
    I got an error while attempting this, hopefully this save you guys some time.

  2. Armando Calderón says:

    I like te voice its funny.

  3. Goldunube says:

    Great tutorial !!! Thank you very very much! You saved great piece of my time 🙂

  4. thesouthcamera says:

    The RECYCLER folder is the recycle bin. Yes it is a folder and it is possible to store files and programs in it and run them from that location. However it can only be infected, it is not a virus or contains a virus just because it happens to be there.

  5. rep353 says:

    I could be wrong. All I know is that I had a hidden folder like the one shown at 0:06 called RECYCLER and when I scanned my computer I always found a virus inside that folder.

  6. thesouthcamera says:

    and how do you come to that conclusion?

  7. rep353 says:

    dude you have a virus in that RECYCLER folder 😛

  8. trannik says:

    What music is this? 😛

  9. NatCave says:

    Excellent! Saved a ton of time, thx!

  10. rivalstudios says:

    This Video really helped me! Thanks alot.

  11. RibScrib says:

    hello thesouthcamera,

    this video sure helped out getting the virtualhost section to work for me. The mentioning about private ip address in the two virtualhost variables was enlightening.

    I appreciate your words of expertise on this matter.

  12. haxsource says:

    Best video ever, this video helped my ALOT!
    Thank you soo much!! Love ya!<3

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