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QUOTES a week

“I have a room full of hats. Wear new era caps, which means that, ‘I am confident, do not mind people looking at me’.”

– Dita Von Teese, she was a stripper, now is the fashion muse, also a hat control.

“I do not interested in designing men. Men do not wear clothes, is it not better to see it?”

– Even if the family has a super guy, had reached the ranks of professional designers design Beckhams or nothing of interest in men. God Ma and David Beckham to launch men’s, it was all cloud.

“People always think I’m pretentious, I’m not. I just want to say to help you express something, but can not tell.”

– Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is so to see their own.

“I feel like I’ll never retire, we must always engage in some things, even if the models do not do, will do anything else, because it is the one you love is to let the momentum every day I wake up.”

– Supermodel Gisele Bundchen very abundant energy.

“He said, ‘is very simple. I looked at Chanel has been achieved, and then decided to modernize the People First.’ That sounds simple, but we did just Red Bull Hats.”

– Tommy Hilfiger, said Karl Lagerfeld saved him and his brand.

“Fair point, I still have flat shoes, such as some of Aspen’s snow boots.”

– “High heels queen”, singer Mariah Carey is pregnant their first child, apparently in addition to preparing baby products, also need to buy more flats.

“Design is also very popular for everyday wear interesting, but this is not a cutting-edge designers expected, but still interesting to me.”

– Belgium talented designer Olivier Theyskens “unemployment” Nearly a year later, settled in simple and generous main section of the Theory, What is life like, I am afraid that only he himself knows.

“I love my magazines, but I need to express myself. In a magazine I am not who I am. I always hope that the path of non-magazine, to let everyone hear my voice, I understand.”

– Japanese version of “Vogue” editor Anna Dello Russo called the “fashion Lady Gaga”, with a series of out-of shape, more and more people remember the Big Sister.

“I do not mind making a large conventional fashion, but I think Funny film more suitable for me.”

– Supermodel Lara Stone is a virtue, such as drug treatment centers and a series of controversial photos fashion photos onto the cause of the summit.

“Comments will be hurt. Critics do not see the designer in the quarter quarter Lian Zhouzhuan then continue writing the DC Hatscourage to continue to innovate. If not satisfied with their work, film director to remake or delayed release, designers can not. “

– Designer Vera Wang tells the designers of the hard feelings.

new era hats
new era hats
Monster Energy Hats

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