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Anti-spam group, web host dispute leads to largest DDoS ever – TechSpot


Anti-spam group, web host dispute leads to largest DDoS ever
If you felt like your Internet connection slowed down recently, it wasn't just you. A recent spat between a spam-fighting group and a web hosting company caused a global slowdown of the Internet according to an anti-spam organization. What resulted was
When a Web Host Attacks…? (press release)
Epic Cyber Battle Pits Spam Tracker Against Web HostPC Magazine
Millions May Be Affected in Web Disruption, Anti-Spam Group SaysBloomberg
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Which Web Host Should You Choose for Your Small Business? – Huffington Post

Which Web Host Should You Choose for Your Small Business?
Huffington Post
When comparing free web hosts to paid web hosts, it's really a matter of you get what you pay for. While free web hosts are great for small sites that are just starting out, they lack some of the key tools a small business needs to grow and be

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Virtual Hosting in an apache server-IPSR Open Source Group

Virtual Hosting in an apache server-IPSR Open Source Group

IPSR Open Source Group-Virtual Hosting in an apache server.

Web Page Hosting Reviews: An Insight into Virtual Web Hosting

VPS is the hottest available option in the hosting world today. Due to the presence of economical servers, Virtual web hosting (VPS) is the talk of the town. VPS allows a webmaster to host the website on a shared sever. The server is shared between multiple websites; hence, the bandwidth and web space is collective amongst the several websites hosted on the same server. It is certainly a good option for those who have limited means of capital or webmasters new to the world of Internet.

It is a cheaper option because the webmaster does not have to pay for the maintenance of the server and neither has to participate in the upkeep of the server as opposed to a dedicated server. VPS is a suitable solution for small- to mid-size websites that receives low traffic or has primary bandwidth requirements. Here are a few good web page hosting reviews for you to consider, if VPS is your choice.

VPS Link has been in the marketplace for over a decade now, and has successfully established itself as an affordable choice. In addition to cost-effectiveness, the company maintains the standard of the services offered. It offers reliable services under their 5 hosting packages, tailor-made to suit individual requirements and scalability. VPS hosts its services on LINUX operating system, therefore suitable for users who are seeking unmanaged hosting service, offering server privacy, security; control and guaranteed server uptime. Unique benefits include, plans starting at $ 7.95 per month; selecting from OpenVZ or XEN, instant account set up and activation, full root access, hassle-free upgrades at any given point in time; scripting languages include Lamp and Ruby. The added bonus is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A Small Orange web hosting service allows subscribers to customize the server according to their suitable requirements. Webmasters can monitor the resources used, conveniently download and install the software required, configure applications according to specifications and restart the server whenever needed. It is a significant option for web developers seeking control, privacy, security, scalability and reliability of their shared space on the server.

Moreover, A Small Orange educative forums offer expert advice that certainly adds weight age to the whole experience of hosting a website. In addition, you will find Wikipedia’s assistance here as well. Advantages include, VPS plan offered at $ 25 per month with top-quality hardware- Dual Intel Xeon E5520 Processors. The plan includes Virtuozzo Power Panel along with cPanel, unlimited email and MySQL databases, and extra bandwidth or IP address purchase at any time. The icing on the cake Р45-day money back guarantee, and if you buy the services for a year, you get 2 months free!

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